Parenting / Risk Assessments

  • Community Based Parenting Assessments enabling families to remain within their own home.
  • Parenting Assessments undertaken using the Graded Care Profile a tool for assessing neglect as part of LSCB strategy.
  • Child Protection Risk Assessments utilising the DOH assessment triangle.
  • Domestic Abuse / Perpertrator Risk Assessment in relation to domestic abuse
  • Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conferences

Viability Assessment

  • Section 7 reports, kinship care assessments, special guardian assessments,
  • Initial Assessment and Core Assessment Offering an initial assessment of need and risk to children for Local Authorities using DOH triangle. Holistic assessment of need leading to a core assessment and action plan. Presentation at Child protection conferences and for use in Court during care proceedings.

Family & Carer Assessment

  • Assessing family need including risk.
  • Using Adult Attachment Interviews to assess adult inner working model.
  • Use of the Graded Care Profile parenting assessment to assess parenting capacity and videoing of family to assist with strategies to bring about change.
  • Liasion with other agencies.

Court Reports / Services

  • Court Recommendations including care planning for the child's welfare.
  • Section 37 investigation Undertake section 37 reports for Court under private law. Including individual work with children to assertain their wishes and feelings and interviews with parents.
  • Section 7 Reports Independent report for Court in cases where parents cannot agree on contact, supervision of their children. Following the welfare checklist including individual sessions with the child/ren to assertain their wishes and feelings.

Social Work Services

  • Individual Family Work employing the Solihull Approach
  • Theraputic Parenting Sessions
  • Individual work with children to assertain their wishes and feelings
  • Solihull Approach and Emotional Literacy parenting groups
  • Family work to bring about resolutions and change
  • Consultancy
  • Supervision of staff in relation to safeguarding and risk management
  • Supervision of staff enabling them to reflect upon their work with children and families.

One-Off, Project Based, Regular and Interim Commissions are possible

Interim Services - short or long term cover / placements

Social Work Training - Practice educator for students and mentor for newly qualified social workers. Currently the tutor for step- up to social work students within the East cohort.

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